End of life for all apps in the app stores

All apps have been pulled from the appstore. Lack of time to maintain the apps, lack of cooperation from manufacturers to provide their data and the appstore policies have made in not worthwhile to continue. The App has been on the market since the very early days of Smart devices (windows mobile, Psion, Palm etc) but it is no longer possible to create a healthy revenue from a niche market product as long as Appstore take 30% and dicate the rules in their own favor. So after 30 years I end this nice project that made me many friends around the world. Always fun to arrive somewhere for a shoot and the camera crew would recognize my name. 

The good news is that many manufacturers now incorporate a lot of the calculations in their devices and the current bread of Cinematographers seem to become less and less technical.

Thanks everybody for the support and friendships during these years!

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End of life for OSX version in the app store

After the stricter rules of the Appstore we no longer want to sell the OSX version there. It would take a serious rewrite of the program. Another reasons is that almost everyone wants to have the program on a portable device so we focus on the mobile versions.

End of life for Windows version

Since everyone seems to prefer the Filmcalculator on his mobile device we are ending support for the Windows version and possible later on also the Mac OSX version. On special requests we might send the version but will no longer support it with updates.

Databases centralized

In version 1.9 of the Filmcalculator for iPhone and Android, the Database containing the lenses, lamps and filmstocks are located on this webserver. The Filmcalculator for iPhone / Android will check for updates and update the internal local database when it detects changes. It means when we add a new lens on the website, it will immediately be updated on all devices. No waiting for software updates in the Appstores anymore and every change will work for everyone.

Big plans for v2.0 will include images for all items, Format database on website and more.