The Filmcalculator software was developed more than 20 years ago for the Psion S3 device and is still updated and ported to new devices.
We currently support Mac en Windows desktop, iPhone and Android. May be Windows Mobile 7 in the future. 

The Filmcalculator is a program for Film professionals. Usefull for DOP’s, focuspullers, clapperloaders, VFX supervisors, still photographers but also location managers, art directors etc.
It is a great tool to be used during prep, shoot and post-production. It's made by crew members and has a 15 year history of being used on PDA's. There are over 32 calculations and info screens possible for three different disciplines: Film, Video/Digital and Photography. (For calculations overview see the menu item.)
The interface is made to be quick and simple. No fancy graphics but to the point input and results. No searching on the screen but a clear overview. The program is actively maintained for all those years and still expanding.

Film stock and Camera databases are kept  up to date and the user is able to change and add to it on this website. There is a large Lamp database with full details and calculations as well as a lens database with over 800 lenses with their details. Contact us if you miss something and we will try to add it. We even did this once overnight for a focuspuller. We keep the apps constantly up to date with new camera's, lenses and filmstocks.  

Currently available for:

  • iPhone / iPad
  • Android

To buy these versions, go to App Market / Appstores