Optical calculations:

  • Depth of field
  • Splitfocus
  • Focal length to lens angle
  • Lens angle to focal length


Macro/VFX calculations:

  • Magnification factor
  • Needed diopter
  • Needed Split diopter
  • Scale/Model/SFX
  • Event and screen time to frame rate
  • Screen time to frames
  • Recommended camera spreed for miniatures  


Distance/Size calculations

  • Distance and object size to focal length
  • Focal length and object size to distance
  • Distance and focal length to object size
  • Matching lens and distance
  • Matching lens and format (film//video/photo)


Filmlength/time calculations

  • Time to filmlength
  • Shooting time to screen time
  • Rollsize to filmlength
  • Filmlength to time
  • Screentime to frames
  • Frames to screentime
  • Screentime to shooting time

Lamp and lighting calculations

  • HMI flickerfree speeds and shutter angles
  • Illumination calculations
  • User adjustable lamp tables
  • Color correction
  • Exposure corrections for speed and shutter angle
  • Exposure changes replacing lights  



  • Sun set/rise and positions
  • Sun mapping
  • Filmstock database (user editable)
  • Lens Database *
  • (Digital) Camera Filesize *  



  • Image data filesize
  • Digital sound filesize

And more.......  

* not in current Android and Windows versions yet  


Please note that calculations might differ from version to version. We are updating the apps constantly but not all at the same time.